2014 Press overview

D & D compendium 2011/2012
New clouds in manufacturing

Chemical engineering SPECIAL Pharma + Food
A plea for usefulness - what the EU-GMP Annex represents in terms of IT security

A&D, 1+2/2012
Retrofitting costs

Mobile Business, 1-2/2012

Employee awareness: Interview on security needs around the Smartphone

Mobile Business, 1-2/2012

Attack! Does mobile security help?

IT security, February 1/2012

BYOD torpedo for IT security

W&S, 2/2012

Security first - Risks of Cloud Computing

Manufacturing, March 8, 2012

Cloud: Industry shows healthy scepticism

Business courier, 03/2012

Data are treasures (Big Data)

VDMA-News, 3/2012

IT security is often underestimated

HR performance, 3/2012

"BYOD" - Torpedo for IT security

IT security, April 2/2012

CeBIT IT Security Roundtable: Of Clouds, BYOD and Authorization Management

IEE 4/2012

Prevent intrusion

IT & Production, 4/2012

@-yet - Security specialists for office and manufacturing

Mobile Business, 4/2012

A complex matter (Mobile Device Management)

vdi-news, April 27, 2012

Production planning and engineering runs in the software cloud (HMI)

Production 05/2012

Comment: The trust question - what is "Managing Trust?"

vdi-news, June 1, 2012

Industrial espionage 2012: new IT trends = new vulnerabilities?

IT & Production, 6/2012

IT security: Holistic strategy required

Business Week, Issue 29 2012

Vulnerable in all situations (How easy it is to spy on mobile phones)

Production July 27, 2012

Comment: Exhibition invitation for Black Surfer

IT & Production, 7/2012

Security threat to the industry: Companies must rethink

Radio Show 8/2012

BYOD - do we really need it? (Mobile Device Management)

WDR, Market 09, / 2012

Smartphone: How secure is my data?

A + S, No. 3, September 2012

Why experts advise companies to act now

IEE 10/2012

How is security going?

Digital Manufacturing, 3/2012

How secure is the company's IT?

Production, October 31, 2012, No. 43-44

The energy revolution is coming - but surely?

IT & Production, December 2012 / January 2013

Tough test for network security
(Penetration Testing)

IT & Production, December 2012 / January 2013

Hype topics for next year's IT security will bring new requirements along.

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