@-yet selected lectures

 @-yet selected lectures 

 IT risk management: 

  •  IT risk management: a strategic position
  •  IT security, information security
  •  Risk responsibility and know-how protection in companies
  •  Privacy and data retention
  •  Data theft: prevent, fight, and properly communicate
  •  How secure is my data?
  •  IT security for companies - not just the Internet
  •  Beyond compliance - risk & security management - Process as a productive factor
  •  Industrial espionage in SMEs: How secure is your business?
  •  IT liability risks: Why are IT and information security important?
  •  Access to company information: technical-organizational attack scenarios 


Out & Cloud: 

  •  Successfully outsource to the cloud
  •  Cloud security: Does it work?
  •  Security and Cloud Computing 


In focus: 

  •  Smartphone, pads and apps - mobile security as a business task
  •  Manufacturing security - Cloud
  •  Apps, smartphones and security - antithetic terms ?
  •  IT security in automation and manufacturing 


Security awareness: 

  •  Awareness for Information Security
  •  Use of social media and risks for companies
  •  Change management for the systematic implementation of IT security


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